How we got here

Public lands belong to everyone

The OBSC was formed in 2016 out of necessity, and created the Our Land Our Voice campaign. This started a strong grassroots movement with supporters from across the great state of Oregon and beyond to oppose the creation of a national monument that threatened the land in the eastern Oregon county.

Special interest groups tried to pressure President Barack Obama to declare nearly 2.5 million acres of land as a federal monument. Such an action wasn't necessary and would have harmed local communities – from jobs to schools to the overall quality of life.

A public survey was taken from throughout the entire state and it was determined that the people in Oregon showed their support for the ranchers, agreeing that their work and dedication was already providing an incredible amount of protection to the land.

In addition, in early 2016 Malheur County citizens overwhelmingly voted against the idea of creating a national monument. More than 90% of voters said NO, sending a strong message to elected leaders.

In January 2017, the voice of those most affected by the threat won out, with no monument declaration!

The OBSC is working hard to avoid any such threat again. Today our efforts look to the future for the protection of the land and the best interest of the citizens of Malheur County.