Brian Wolfe

Sheriff Wolfe .jpg

Sheriff Brian Wolfe was appointed to the Office of Sheriff in Malheur County Oregon on June 1, 2011, then elected Sheriff in 2012 primary election and again in 2016.

Sheriff Wolfe’s history in law enforcement is extensive. He worked for the Nyssa Police Department as a School Resource Officer, Patrolman, Crime Prevention Officer and DARE Officer. He was also a Narcotics Detective for the Ontario Police Department.

Community involvement is important to Sheriff Wolfe. He serves on numerous boards and committees and is actively involved in the communities and outlying areas of Malheur County. 

Sheriff Wolfe has a great love for the outdoors and the customs and culture of Malheur County.

Sheriff Wolfe and his wife, Barbara, have been married 27 years and have four children who are active in school, sports and community activities.

By Don Day